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Mission Statement

The Sigma Theta Chi Alumni Association ensures that the brotherhood support system continues beyond the undergraduate experience. We provide brothers the opportunity to continue serving and educating the community at large. In addition, while offering outreach to our undergraduate members and brothers as a whole, we provide a social outlet in order to maintain our brotherhood bonds.

The purpose of the Sigma Theta Chi Alumni Association is to enrich the alumni experience, work towards the continued existence of the fraternity and to provide leadership, build a strong network of members, connect the actives of the fraternity with the alumni, maintain a positive working relationship with Kean University and to enhance the overall image of Sigma Theta Chi Fraternity.

The Alumni Association should promote the ideal of Brotherhood.

The creation of lifelong friendships is a primary benefit of Sigma Theta Chi membership. As Brothers, we have an obligation to have a concern for the welfare of our members. Brotherhood is a lifetime commitment; therefore, we should encourage strong alumni relationships for the mutual benefit of the alumni as well as the active brotherhood.

The Alumni Association should actively contribute to the personal growth and development of its members.

We teach young men social skills that will benefit them throughout their lifetime. The multitude of assets and networking available through the Alumni Association prepares members for success in their chosen careers.

The Fraternity should encourage service to others.

Members, individually and collectively, should work toward the betterment of their community, and in so doing contribute to the betterment of themselves. One of the most gratifying aspects of alumni membership is the sense of satisfaction and pride that comes with involvement in community service and philanthropic projects. Working together on such projects not only benefits worthy causes, but also fosters personal growth and greater unity among alumni members. Various activities include fundraising, volunteering, tutoring, coordinating activities for youth, sponsoring environmental and neighborhood projects and a variety of additional activities.