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Welcome First Time Visitor

If you are a new visitor to the Sigma Theta Chi Alumni Association web page you've come to the right place. This page will give you an overview of what our site has to offer, tips on how to navigate around the site, and a how to on registering and getting the most out of your time here.
Getting Started
Firstly, welcome to the Sigma Theta Chi Alumni Association website and thank you for continuing to support Sigma Theta Chi. The goal of this site is to serve as a communication method for all Alumni , connect Alumni to each other through the use of the Networking Center and Upcoming Events, and to keep Alumni informed of the current status of the active brotherhood.

We request that after browsing the site you take the first step and register with the Networking center so you can gain access to the private message board and take full advantage of everything this site has to offer.
Navigating The Site

All of the sites pages and features can be accessed by using the navigation bar located at the top of every page, or within the footer.

A few important features this site has to offer are the Alumni Directory, Networking Center, Meetings, Upcoming Events, Up-To-Date News, Pay Member Dues, ΣΘΧ Marketplace, Board Directory

Alumni Directory: A list of all Alumni currently registered with the association.
Networking Center: A message board where Alumni can discuss pressing issues, post job openings and resumés, and connect with other Alumni.
Meetings: Get caught up on what's going on with the Association by reading past meetings minutes & agendas.
Upcoming Events: Stay involved with upcoming social and charitable events.
Up-To-Date News: Stay connected and informed with the Association and fellow Alumni.
Pay Member Dues: Pay your member dues online, securely with PayPal.
ΣΘΧ Marketplace:Buy apparel and accessories, as well as pay for events and activities.
Board Directory: A full list of all officers and committee members.

How To Register

Registration on the Alumni Association site is quick and beneficial. After registering you will have complete access to restricted areas of the site, begin receiving monthly newsletters about events going on for Association members, make your contact information available to other Alumni who you may have lost touch with, and more.

To register click here and follow the few easy steps.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email the webmaster directly @